Charlie Coyle

Sunday the 29th of October 2023 at 17:37, our new family star was born at Odense University Hospital, a the whole family is very grateful that everything, just wend totally perfect.

Charlie is in the best hands, and we would have many wonderful hour in the future.

New in the Coyle Family

We are happy to announce that soon there will be a new little Coyle in the family, because the daughter and son in law, Sandra and Jesper Ringgaard Coyle are in happy circumstances.

We will hope to see the new born boy comes to the world in about November 2023.

CBO Proclaimer (Explaining)

My guess is you have Googled the term “CBO Proclaimer”, after seeing this title in some kind of signature, so what is the meaning by this.

CBO Proclaimer means “Chief Beer Officer Proclaimer”

This title is the free choice of setting my own worktitle in my company, and as i like to connoisseur about beers, this is important for me to preach and proclaim/influence about for others that likes to listen to me, gurgle about beers.

If you like to follow me tune in at LinkedIn.

“Don’t ask Google – ask my wife, she knows ALL.”